Auto Glass Replacement in Newcastle

Turn to Us for Superior Work in Auto Glass Replacement in Newcastle

When it is time for auto glass replacement in Newcastle, we’ll provide exceptional quality installation and repair at the most competitive prices available. East Coast Auto Glass is a phenomenal choice for your auto needs. Learn why windscreen safety is essential to your safety.

What You Should Know about Car Windscreen Replacement in Newcastle

No one wants to face the need to replace a windscreen. When damage does occur, it is best to make the repairs as soon as possible to avoid further problems. Learn why demanding professional repair and installation of your windscreen is a reliable choice for safety:

  • The glass in a windscreen is the product of a lot of research. Designers work to make the glass an essential safety feature of your vehicle through pre-consumer trial-and-error and multiple tests. An inner layer of durable vinyl holds two outer layers of glass together. The laminated vinyl holds the glass in place so that it doesn’t shatter.
  • The windscreen is part of the structural integrity of the vehicle, providing a physical barrier to keep the occupants safely inside the car. Windscreens also help to protect the car roof from collapsing and caving in on the passengers. When they are installed correctly, these features help to keep passengers safe both daily and during an emergency.
  • The windscreen acts as a barrier when airbags deploy during a crash. If the installers complete a solid and professional job in gluing them in place, the windscreen won’t blow out from the force of the airbags.

As you can see, your windscreen plays an essential part in protecting the passengers in your vehicle—so it’s better to avoid cutting corners when you need service and support.

Tips for Getting More Value out of the Replacement of Auto Glass in Newcastle

When you request a quote for installing glass for your car, it is essential to look at more than the cost of the repair. Be prepared to research the quality of the workmanship of the business that you hire. Learn why we are a top choice:

  • We are a fully-certified business, offering you the highest quality in our craft. Our products meet all industry safety standards, and we use the leading manufacturer of urethane and moulding in Australia. Our windscreens include rain, light, and temperature sensors as well as radio aerials. You demand the best, and we deliver it.
  • We require that you let the car sit for at least an hour after installation. If a shop tells you to drive your car away immediately, it is best to look for another business. Our installers wear gloves when working with the glass because the grease on their hands can prevent the adhesives from bonding correctly.
  • If you want the best price for your glass replacement, then come directly to us. Often, a dealer will subcontract the work and charge you a mark-up. We offer the most competitive pricing around and will beat any price on the market. We want to provide you with the highest quality installation for your car or truck windscreen replacement, and we will make the extra effort to prove it.

About the Team at East Coast Auto Glass

We are a family-owned business that is passionate about providing exceptional and accessible service directly to you. We want to simplify the process of repairing or replacing your automotive glass at the lowest prices around to make your experience enjoyable.

When you want the best in glass repair and replacement, look to us for high-quality and dependable work. Stop in when you need a glass installation, and please contact us with any questions.

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